Team Page

Join one of our riding teams to experience new challenges and meet some great people. Our teams are not so much of a competitive nature but only as far as it involves the adventures that each undertake. Here is a brief description of each and maybe you'll bump into them along the way...or start your own!

  • A-Team: The first team formed by some County boys looking to cement their place in history. This is a solid group of riders always up for a little adventure.
  • B-Team: This team is led by Phil aka "Bootsie." A jovial group of very experienced riders mostly from down state.
  • C-Team: These guys are consistently pounding out more miles and more smiles than any other group. Led by the "Captain," most of these guys hail from Massachusetts but have adopted a select few thick skinned, fun loving, Doo heads into their fold! No doubt the PREMIER team (yeah, we did the website)! :)
  • O-Team: If you ride around humming the tune "I'm a lumberjack and I'm o.k.," you might have a friend here. Led by Paul Bunyan, he rates the success of a ride by the number of poor trees which fall victim to his "freestyle" riding.
  • X-Team: Ride an X model sled and have something to prove...this group is for you! ;)

Or just grab some friends of your own and make some memories!

Benefits of Joining a Team

As a member of a Sled Shop team, you will get first access to adventure trips and tours. You'll also experience guided tours of County trails otherwise unknown.